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Put your old DVR to better use…

Avocado Security has generated more than 10 Million hours of extra performance for clients

How are winning companies sensing and responding to security and business challenges in real-time?

How much is security downtime costing your company? How your organization is financially affected if after the fact, you realize that your security cameras or DVRs had seized operation, well before an incident occurred? Further more, How do you bring together a variety of security sensors including CCTV cameras, access control and appliances to work together?

Do you know who REALLY is watching your security system? Making sure that the security cameras and DVRs are working properly, and are not falling sleep? Whether you own one or a thousand, CCTV security cameras and DVRs do not work by themselves - they need to be monitored and managed. It takes personnel, time, pre-established procedures and discipline to ensure that your entire security system is working properly.

If equipment is misaligned, disconnected or malfunctioning, Avocado can instantly send alerts about the malfunction. These alerts allow for adjustments to be made to the security system almost immediately.

Avocado Security helps your team to effectively manage your security operation by intelligently detecting anomalies.

Use your existing security system;

A key advantage of Avocado Security is that it is system agnostic irrespective of the camera vendor or DVR manufacturer. Whether your existing security equipment is old, brand new, from another vendor, or manufactured by multiple equipment vendors, Avocado can still make use of it.

Employing your existing/new cameras and DVRs, Avocado Security, with our Software as a Service (SaaS) model, turns your existing security system into an intelligent platform. Take advantage of our web based platform, and gain access to your security cameras, anytime, anywhere in the world, and you can run benchmark on how each camera or DVR is performing and faring.

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Avocado Express 3.0;

Manage your security infrastructure, and employ Avocado Security’s Business Intelligence (BI) as a key competitive advantage. Your security information can now help many departments. Avocado security translates security images for use by security teams, loss prevention, and can be used as business metrics by sales, marketing and operations as well. Employing Avocado Security reduce security cost, and automates your business operation by;

Using your existing security camera
Web-based BI for security
Software as a Service (SaaS)
Unlimited use
Rapid deployment
On-Demand Security and BI
Anytime, Anywhere viewing
Lower Total Cost of Ownership
Comprehensive security, back-up

Join us for a webinar and see how Avocado Security can benefit your organization, help you to reduce cost, improve security and turn your cameras to money making machines.

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