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Manage, support and effectively use

security cameras and DVRs,

anytime, anywhere…

Whether you own one or a thousand surveillance security cameras and DVRs, they might just produce dull images. Are you certain that your security footage will be available when it is really needed? Does your organization have adequate resources to manage these laborious tasks 24x7? Would you like to learn how other organizations are benefitting from Avocado Security’s award winning, intelligent software to automate their operation?

Organizations that have made an investment in building their security infrastructure will not easily throw away their existing CCTV cameras, DVRs and investment. Avocado Security’s technology allows a buyer with prior equipment to benefit from their existing security cameras and DVRs.

Interoperability Platform;

Avocado has developed numerous APIs and libraries to support your existing security investment, including your analog, IP and mega pixel cameras. The software platform provides a common operating view of your entire security operation, resulting in an improved security, a better decision making process, a reduced cost and an ability to generate new revenue from security cameras.

Avocado Security translates your security camera footage into meaningful charts, data, statistics, graphs and gauges, allowing your team to better understand and improve security, safety, operation, and helps to reduce costs. Avocado Security automates the way you manage and monitor your security systems Automatic alerts are also made if a camera or DVR is either disabled intentionally or by accident, whether it is in one location, or across multiple locations or regions.

Avocado Security’s award winning technology is the world’s first Security + Business Intelligence (BI) Optimization Platform as for On-Demand software service.

Avocado Security’s award winning solution automates the way millions of CCTV security camera images are viewed. There is no longer the need to babysit security cameras all day, everyday. Avocado automates routine security tasks in order to optimize the overall security operation.

Manage your security infrastructure, and employ Avocado Security’s Business Intelligence (BI) as a key competitive advantage. Your security information can now help many departments. Avocado translates security images for use by security teams, loss prevention, and can also be used as business metrics by sales, marketing and operations.

Avocado Business 3.0;.

Avocado Business 3.0 is now available! Enjoy Avocado Security’s pioneering, web-based security & business intelligence platform with low upfront costs, low total cost of ownership, fast deployment, rapid adoption, optimal service levels, global support, continuous upgrades, best-practices and secure infrastructure. Employing Avocado Security reduces security cost, and automates your business operation by;

Using your existing security camera
Web-based BI for security
Software as a Service (SaaS)
Unlimited use
Rapid deployment
On-Demand Security and BI
Anytime, Anywhere viewing
Lower Total Cost of Ownership
Comprehensive security, back-up

Join us for a webinar and see how Avocado Security can benefit your organization, help you to reduce cost, improve security and turn your cameras to money making machines.

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