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Avocado Security SaaS Products Comparison

Avocado Security brings you the convenience of Software as a Service (SaaS), so you do not need to purchase or maintain additional DVRs, NVRs, Servers, or hardware.

Avocado Products Express Business Enterprise

System Functionality;

Avocado tracks DVR system performance, making sure images are generated, and will be useful for post incident quality.

Video / Power Loss;

Avocado detects and alerts any video and power loss, to the security system. TCP/IP packet, image quality, degradation and flow are automatically verified and monitored.

Business Activity;

Avocado converts CCTV security images into metrics, such as the flow of people through a door or down an aisle.

Business Optimization;

Avocado converts CCTV video to customer patterns, visitors’ behavior, to improve business.

Camera Tampering;

Avocado Security can tell when a camera or DVR is malfunctioning, as the result of either a defect or a deliberate attempt to disable it.

Network Operability;

Avocado monitors access to network and Internet and alerts when services are terminated.

Policy Management;

Avocado enables you to meet mandates, and creates rules and policies enabling you to effectively manage the entire organization.

Business Continuity;

Avocado established overall impact of each security zone and prioritizes response level, reducing security and operational costs.

Business Intelligence;

Avocado collects information from the entire organization, correlates to revenue & income to provide BI with visual documentation.

Remote Viewing
Monthly fee per 16 cameras
Single User
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When you need web-based security and business intelligence for the whole team, department, or company choose the world's #1 pioneering solution.

  • Unlimited usage for one monthly fee
  • Includes web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) model
  • No hardware required
  • Includes your DVR and camera sharing, and CCTV application sharing
  • Include up to 16 cameras in concert (contact us if greater capacity is needed for the same DVR)
  • Bring together your entire organization, with hundreds of CCTV security cameras and DVRs, scattered in multiple locations, across US or globally