Avocado Security Wins “Coveted” Analyst Recognition from Frost & Sullivan

Movers and Shakers Interview with Avocado Security-CEO Kevin Shahbazi

Over the past 2 years, there has been buzz in the security industry to integrate different technologies into a complete solution. The focus has been on integrating video surveillance with access control, video over IP networks, and physical and logical security. Avocado Security has taken a unique approach to integration: the integration of video surveillance and business intelligence. In the latest series of Movers & Shakers interviews, Frost & Sullivan Industry Analyst Dilip Sarangan speaks with Kevin Shahbazi, Co-founder and CEO of Avocado Security to understand what differentiates his company from other software developers for video surveillance..

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Avocado Security: Video Surveillance for Safety and Profit


(TMCnet) -- Senior Editor, Mae Kowalke conducts a one-on-one interview with Avocado Security’s CEO, Kevin Shahbazi.

Traditionally, video surveillance was simply a way to achieve security or prevent theft. That’s still the case (especially in the post-911 world). But, solutions that use video cameras to capture the activities of people in various locations have other applications as well.

One company that sees a great deal of potential for turning video surveillance into a “money making machine” is Avocado Security. To find out how video surveillance can reap financial benefits for companies in many industries, TMCnet queried Kevin Shahbazi, CEO at Avocado. He shared his insights about video surveillance and explained who and why Avocado was founded.

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