Are you already using Business Intelligence (BI) products like Cognos, Business Objects, Microsoft, Spotfire and Tibco in your organization, or do you have a home grown BI tool? Either case, you are enjoying benefits of BI metrics to better run your organization.

Avocado Security empowers you more benefits, while creating BI metrics and graphs using your security cameras.

Employing your existing video security infrastructure, no matter what kind of legacy CCTV security you may already have, enables you to convert your CCTV images to BI reports.

If you do not have a BI tool, no problem. Our simple BI reports are even more effective and time saving for you, even when you have to pull different reports from different camera manufacturers that do not share the same Operating system (OS) or are not compatible with one another.

At Avocado Security, we have created a unique blend of security and BI. Hence, we convert your video surveillance security information, cameras, sensors, appliances and associated video network to meaningful information. We collect important information from variety of your security sensors, and normalize your data through data mining.

Our presentation layer includes dashboard, Ad-hoc reporting and variety of other metrics for comparing variety of barometers to document and report overall security system performance. In addition to physical security, we also convert CCTV video to valuable sales, marketing and business continuity information.

Avocado Security provides actionable intelligence and helps to make informed business decisions, which in turn provides better insight for assessing risk and help to facilitate healthy financial gains through business growth opportunities. In essence, with our Actionable Intelligence, you are tapping to enormous source of video information, that until today, it is not used and it is wasted.

If you are already using any of the BI tools in the market, you do not have to change anything. We provide you with "adapters" to integrate to your existing BI software, and allow you continue to enjoy and use the same style and format of reports that you get from your BI tool. The benefit for you is that, we are giving you access to your physical security and infrastructure to look, compare and mange your business with BI tools.