Kevin Shahbazi, CEO
Mr. Kevin Shahbazi’s management skills are based on previous successful ventures.

An experienced industry executive with over 25 years of proven leadership in business management and technology, achieving success through direct authority, collaboration, matrix relationships, team building and alliances. Strong entrepreneurial spirit and results-driven, having founded and co-founded several profitable, growing enterprises including CadCon, Tech Design, Applied Technologies, Trust Digital and eView Technologies. Successful in establishing strategic relationships with major corporations and manufacturers, including IBM, UBS, Pepsi, Palm and Microsoft. A frequent speaker at key industry events worldwide, with a new vision and breadth of depth in Centralized Mobile Security for Enterprises and Intelligent Video Surveillance Security. Successfully recruited several nationally known directors and executives as board members. By offering integrated security, Business Intelligence and productivity products, helped Avocado Security to embark on a rewarding sales and growth process, and well-positioned to lead Avocado Security to the “next level”.

Mr. Shahbazi co-founded Trust Digital in 2001, which was soon placed in Gartner’s prestigious Magic Quadrant. While leading Trust Digital, Mr. Shahbazi swept away numerous prestigious national and international accolades. To date, the company has raised over $40M in venture capital funding.

Humbled with his international experience, he is trained in many cultures, living across the globe in different continents. For over three decades, Mr. Kevin Shahbazi has been active with various philanthropic programs and homeless shelters across the globe. He presently spearheads Avocado Security Foundation, which grants financial awards to top graduates of DCCK, a culinary job training and job placement program designed for homeless individuals. Mr. Kevin Shahbazi’s academic experience includes a special 5 years degree in Mechanical Engineering, a graduate degree in Business and Industrial Management from Bangalore University, India, and a graduate program in Systems Science and Automation at Vanderbilt University, in Nashville, USA.

Terry Vaz, COO
With over 30 years experience in all facets of operation, Ms. Terry Vaz is Avocado Security’s Chief Operating Officer. Operational excellence, strategic vision, dynamic marketing, passion, and high energy, have been the foundation of her resolve at Avocado Security.

Ms. Vaz’s prior experience includes operation, finance, recruitment, compensation, benefits, employee relations, safety, training and development programs. Her vast experience includes various roles at BICON of India, Scandinavian Hospital of Denmark, St. Michael’s of Canada and Applied Technologies of USA.

As a philanthropist, Ms. Vaz has contributed numerous years in operation to serve for deserving children affected by Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and ADHD. She is a member of the Genetic Alliance, an Advocacy, Education & Empowerment group. Ms. Vaz holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Mysore University and a graduate degree in Business Management from Bangalore University.

Mike Shahbazi, President & CTO
Mr. Mike Shahbazi is responsible for setting technical direction for the company, and defining technical approaches and solutions to solve challenging problems for Avocado Security’s customers. He is also responsible for leading Avocado Security’s new product and technology development.

With more than 20 years of experience in Information Security, enterprise network, systems management, CRM and Helpdesk, Mr. Mike Shahbazi has successfully started and managed global projects and development teams across different continents. He co-founded Trust Digital in 2001, which was soon placed in Gartner’s prestigious Magic Quadrant. He has pioneered the concept of enterprise mobile security by providing technological vision and direction. He turned unique technical ideas into sound business opportunities and protected the resulting IP to gain the market lead.

His comprehensive expertise includes various roles at ProCos, FASTech, Sprint, Network Solutions, StorageTek, Applied Technologies and Trust Digital. Additionally, Mr. Mike Shahbazi has envisioned, architect and contributed to creation of more than nine (9) different sets of products, each addressing a unique area of need in security, network management and enterprise optimization. Mr. Mike Shahbazi has won many prestigious industry accolades.

Mr. Mike Shahbazi holds various patents related to the disciplines of security and network management, and currently has several patents pending. With two Masters degrees, Mr. Mike Shahbazi has graduated from World renowned and prestigious school of IIT.