Avocado Security’s suite of products enhances overall physical security of your operation by offering a unique blend of security and business intelligence optimization platform. Hence, you may implement yourself, or ask us or your integrator to get you started.

Avocado Security’s has made it easier for our customers to integrate your existing CCTV security system, and establish consistency in the ways that you can manage your security cameras, DVRs, security servers.

We are enabling your security cameras to perform multiple tasks. We convert your CCTV images to meaningful graphs, chart and provide you with actionable intelligence, in the form of our Dashboard and Business Intelligence (BI).




Security cameras in financial institution have become a valuable tool and a daily necessity.

Avocado Security enables you to bring together a mix of your legacy systems, whether all by one manufacturer, or from variety of security vendors with different Operating Systems (OS).

We make sure that your security cameras and sensors are active, operational, and help you to protect your organization.


Live monitoring is an integral part of a seamless security system.

Although it is an expensive part of the operation, it requires extensive human intervention. Rendered decision may not be of higher quality, as there are too many variables involved to sift through a huge collection of boring CCTV images.

Avocado Security removes many variables associated with live monitoring, and converts them to manageable intelligence at fraction of the cost.


Organizations start to function and stay in business based on sound principles of Business Continuity.
A serious interruption, will affect daily operation, infrastructure, and may end existence of a business. Hence, the list of potentially business-disrupting events seems almost endless.

Today, criminals are turning their attention to interrupting physical security system that facilitates their access to the entire organization. Equally, businesses are putting more emphasis on turning paper policy to an automated and intelligent process. This is where Avocado Security
can help.


Avocado Security offers a unique blend of security and Business Intelligence (BI).
We collect important information from variety of your security sensors, and through video mining, data is normalized.

Avocado Security provides actionable intelligence and helps to make informed business decisions, which in turn provide better insight for assessing risk and help to facilitate healthy financial gains through business growth opportunities.

Security images and their information are converted to sales and marketing data for the sole purpose of providing business benefit.