Company Overview
Avocado Security is the first provider of cross-platform Security & Business Intelligence On-Demand service. Avocado Security’s business intelligence optimization platform help clients reach new untapped potential. To enable security + business intelligence information sharing across the organization, Avocado Security provides a web based On-Demand platform. This, along with a pioneering video mining and a state-of-the art data center, helps increase productivity, security and business intelligence across our clients’ enterprise. Avocado Security helps corporations transform their security, Business Intelligence and operational data into actionable intelligence. Our Security + Business Intelligence platform, Avocado 2.0, gives businesses solutions to all of their query, reporting, and advanced analytical needs, and distributes insight to security personnel, Sales & Marketing team, and executive management team via web and wireless. With many satisfied customers and technology and integration partners, Avocado 2.0 has been proven the World’s first and most complete BI & Security Platform as service. For additional information, visit us at

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Kevin Shahbazi, CEO
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Avocado Security’s mission is to empower our clients. By providing actionable security and business intelligence, we enable every business user to make more informed decisions in a timely manner. Avocado Security is the world’s first integrated platform supporting all styles of business intelligence through the easiest-to-use interface and delivery channel possible. We provide superior analytical performance to business user in the format that suits them best — from high-level dashboards, to custom reports, to advanced analysis. We have engineered our software suite to create security, business intelligence, reliability, scalability, and ease of administration for organizations of all sizes.

Avocado Security is the first cross-platform Security & Business Intelligence On-Demand solution. It uses images from an organization’s existing security cameras and converts them into behavior, meaningful statistics, charts and business intelligence metrics. A store manager, for example, might review an Avocado report to see how many shoppers visit the shopping mall, window-shop in their store, and how many men buy jackets they try on in a dressing room. Such trends can be analyzed year by year, month by month and day by day, giving the corporation a picture of how each individual department or organization is faring.

Key Benefits
  • World’s first cross-platform Security & Business Intelligence On-Demand solution, providing actionable intelligence
  • Combines security and business intelligence (BI) to achieve competitive advantage and operational excellence
  • On-Demand technology, with dual-use capability adaptable to multiple markets in both the commercial space and the government security space
  • Through video mining process, CCTV images are converted into actionable insight to improve operational intelligence

  • Primary Markets
    Retail, Hospitality, Banking, Gaming, Commercial Properties, Supply Chain & Warehousing, Corporate, Restaurant, Homeland, Transportation, Education, Law Enforcement & Correctional Facilities, Government, Biotech & Medical, and Financial

    11350 Random Hills Road, Suite 800
    Fairfax, Virginia 22030

    Executive Team
    Kevin Shahbazi, CEO
    Terry Vaz, COO
    Mike Shahbazi, President and CTO
    Mel Denehan, VP of Business Development
    Kevin Doel, VP of Communications


    Press Contact
    Kimberley Brown (703) 279-6577,