Avocado Security's Patents and Licensing Policy

Avocado Security provides its patents pending software under a flexible licensing program. Our licensing program is designed to help you bundle and take your security system or product to the market faster.

Avocado Security's adherence and use of Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework provides a formal and auditable standard for the delivery of our services within any organization. This is to help our clients and partners, to move from investing in tools to managing the quality of their customers and systems once "live".

Avocado Security employs ITIL and ISO 20000 to promote the adoption of an integrated process approach to deliver managed services to meet business and customer requirements. This has been the foundation to our disciplined product development approach and our patent pending Intellectual Property (IP).

Further more, Avocado Security has spent over 2.5 years in API development for more than 120 digital CCTV cameras and DVR models from various different manufacturers. Through Avocado Security's Lab, these products have been tested for compliance.

Avocado Security already enjoys a universal compatibility with various DVR models and brands. By employing our SDK and APIs, you can avoid expensive, tedious, and lengthy product development and enjoy Avocado Security's patents pending software which is made available under a number of flexible licensing agreements.

Whether you are an OEM, a software developer requiring our SDK, or integration partner, our licensing agreement is designed to meet the usage and distribution requirements of different types of users with following certification:

  • Avocado Security Compatible
  • This specific DVR or CCTV security system has passed Avocado Security's initial testing to meet our compatibility criteria.

  • Avocado Security Certified
  • This specific DVR or CCTV security system has undergone successful interoperability tests by Avocado Security and is certified for compliance.

  • Avocado Security Gold Certified
  • This specific DVR or CCTV security system is certified by Avocado Security. It enjoys highest level interoperability and successful tests by Avocado Security and is certified for Business Intelligence compliance.

Please check with Avocado Security to confirm compatibility with your specific CCTV security product. Unless you own a unique propriety surveillance system, chances are that we have already developed API for it. To learn about our software licensing programs, please call or contact us.