"One Solution, to serve multiple departments"
Avocado Security converts CCTV images to meaningful information
and Business Intelligence(BI) for use by many other departments
including, security, Loss Prevention, Sales, Marketing and Operations


With a focus on “Security Tolerance” we convert your challenges to meaningful data in the forms of graphs and charts.

We escalate problems and notify you whether this is a malicious act by a disgruntled employee who purposely turned away your security camera, or due to loss of power to a DVR or cameras.

Avocado Security BI is agnostic to all camera brands or DVR manufacturers. Hence, if you have a Sony CCTV camera with Siemens DVR in one of your locations, and a mix of GE, Honeywell, Pelco CCTV cameras and DVRs at your other locations and branches, that is not a problem. Avocado Security software platform is embedded with numerous APIs to communicate with all of these propriety and legacy video surveillance security products.


With a focus on “Process Engineering” we convert unmanaged security variables to consistent and reliable performers.

Whether you have a laid back security guard or a vigilant Loss Prevention Director, your ability to sift through real-time video stream is adversely diminished, as you have to watch and monitor multiple cameras or DVR feeds.

These problems become paramount, as different guards judge events differently, during different shifts. You have added the human variable to your security events now!

Avocado Security converts video information to graphs and statistics for easy comparison. For example, you can look at a particular camera activity from 8 to 10 AM, and compare traffic to the previous day or week. With Avocado Security, your security operation can further be optimized, by collection CCTV images across your entire business. Such images are normalized to study certain activity and overall business operation can be optimized.


With a focus on “Key Performance Indicators” we deliver summary of all major activities in your security operation.

Just like Financial Market, we give you KPIs and analysis on what really happed in the past 24 hours, last week, or last month.

For example, as a bank, you already have CCTV cameras throughout your branch to improve security. With Avocado Security, you can now understand average wait time in the line, why a teller window is busier than other, and how to convert a simple bank visitor to customer who will meet with the loan officer as well.

For your Food Mart, you can draw analysis on customers, their foot traffic, store bottle necks, and how goods are delivered by the vendors, or simply improve your security and operation.

Avocado Security provides you the ability for security forecasting, and understanding what resources you need, and where to protect your organization and enterprise.


With a focus on “Traffic Activity” we convert your prospects to customers. We help you to understand shoppers’ behaviors, traffic pattern, their likes, dislikes, and help to improve and increase your customer conversion rate.

Do you know how many window shoppers are visiting your store or dinner? How long customers stay at your store, after which they have paid for an item? Do they buy and leave fast, or do they stay and spend more at your dinner?

With our marketing metrics and charts, we help you understand how to improve Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) and up-sell to the same customer. Improving your service, has far reaching benefits for your business today and tomorrow.

As a business, you spend all this money on encouraging customers to visit your store. However, not every store visitor converts to a customer and what is that percentage. Unless a customer takes an item, and pays for it at the cash register, you really do not know. We help you understand the meaning behind each picture, and how you can use it to improve marketing your operation.


With a focus on “Business Performance” we convert your security cameras to become your Sales staff with a consistent performance.

As a grocery store, understanding what customers need and how much time they really spend going back and forth between aisles, become important.

Avocado Security provides a heat map, or customer traffic pattern in the store and between aisles. We can also provide a date and time stamp on how long they really spent in an aisle or at an end cap. With our meaningful data in the forms of graphs and charts, you can understand the mechanics of performance in your store and how to convert a dead aisle to a busy one.

In essence, you can not move heavy refrigerators in a slow aisle, but our BI metrics tells you how to guide foot traffic there, and increase your sales.


With a focus on “Business Continuity” we Extract powerful explanations and meanings out of dull security images.

Give you activity charts and show you why you have more traffic at the loading dock than the entrance of your hotel.

Looking at security cameras and monitors, do not show you anything special. Although your security staff can see you have more people getting on the elevators at the hotel’s lobby, or getting off on the 3rd floor, it does not provide you with documentation and metrics on why this happened, or how may times it happened? These BI metrics will show you the reason on a particular event, and how to improve operational performance in order to confirm your business continuity.

We help you document security events for all of your cameras, use graphs and charts to easily study them, and compare activity between certain time of the day or week both for security and productivity purposes. You can also make comparison between such selected times. You can now confirm business continuity to ensure that your security system is operational 24x7.

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