What kind of security cameras are used to protect your business? Are you using security cameras made by GE, Honeywell, Bosch, eView Technologies and or a mix of heterogeneous CCTV cameras, DVRs and security equipment? Avocado Security is agnostic and compatible with your present and legacy video security system.

Using your existing security cameras, we convert security images to graphs, charts and meaningful business intelligence metrics.

If a camera, accidentally stops working just before an incident takes place, how effectively will this information be relayed to all parties? How many other times has this camera failed, with or without our knowledge. Avocado Security converts such historical data to charts and graphs for easy management to confirm business continuity.

This task becomes paramount if you have a heterogeneous environment with a mix of security cameras, sensors, DVRs brands from many vendors. Your challenges are then even greater and unmanageable.

Avocado Security enables you to bring together a mix of your legacy systems, whether all by one manufacturer, or from variety of security vendors with different Operating Systems (OS). Additionally, we can capture historical information about your entire security system from it's birth, and can retain comparative graphs, charts and reports for the distant future.

We help you to plan, to protect your business in the future based upon past performances, and how to modernise your security infrastructure without loosing or throwing away present equipment.

Finally, Avocado Security brings together your entire video surveillance system so that cameras, DVRs and other equipment talk to one another. We provide a centralized view of your entire enterprise in a region or globally.

We also provide activity and operational reports on the performance of your entire video security