Avocado Security’s total solution combines the power of intelligent and effective physical security with business and operational metrics. This information can be used to guide your operation and gain maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Our solution along with Avocado’s popular reports provide the tools and information you need to make informed business decisions fueled by real-time and tangible security information which are generated from your “own” operation. Rather than using generic or hypothetical statistics, we give you actual metrics and tangible reports based upon your “own” security cameras.
“Is your security system the pits? Well, in that case, you might need an Avocado to wrap around it — specifically, the Avocado Consolidator from the metropolitan Washington, D.C., firm Avocado Security.

            The Avocado Consolidator is a software platform designed to tie together all your various and sundry security cameras, recorders, monitors, etc. Sometimes, say, a co-op or condo buys closed-circuit cameras from one vendor, then a year or two later gets a new elevator with its own built-in camera. Or maybe your parking-garage cameras record security footage onto a DVD, and your later-installed lobby camera records onto a DVR. Whatever the specifics, it can be challenging to manage disparate surveillance technologies and get them all to communicate with each other. Heck, most of us can't even transfer files from our phone to our computer.

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With more than five different sets of security and operational intelligence products, Avocado Security’s Total Solution Offerings is your One-Stop choice for your security and business optimizations needs.

1. Avocado Consolidator:

Problems: Organizations have deployed security technologies for many years – either different versions from the same vendor or in many cases from multiple vendors. In other words, you have different cameras, DVRs, and even Video Management solution systems, creating a heterogeneous environment. Security Operators are now forced to view and manage multiple security products and screens, made by varying vendors. The unique nature of each software product, their screens, and distributed deployment, produces a completely convoluted environment as shown below.
Avocado Advantages: Avocado Consolidator unites DVRs, Analog and IP Cameras, NVRs, and Encoders, through the Open Architecture Convergence platform (OAC), providing a unified user interface, bolstering Enterprise security, reducing costs, and effectively optimizing operation. In addition, Avocado software converts CCTV security images to Business and Operational Metrics.
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2. Avocado Business Intelligence:

Problems: Due to economic constraints, most businesses are functioning without the required manpower to conduct optimized Surveillance Detection. In addition to closing that seam, organizations need to improve the ability to conduct security and surveillance with information saved to database files. Reports need to include information on monitoring gate traffic and selectively choosing routes for traffic based on throughput.
Avocado Advantages: With a simple and user friendly “dashboard”, we first ensure that your security cameras serve their primary purpose of providing security. Then, we convert video footage into meaningful, actionable graphs, patterns, and statistics for easy comparison. Avocado Security extracts additional information that can be gleaned from your CCTV cameras including visitors volume, shopping aisle popularity, entrance and exit activity level, and increased security costs on each area or floor. Avocado reports are generated on a real-time basis, creating maximum effectiveness.
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3. Avocado NVMS suite:

Problems: You have daily security requirements that you need to meet, yet you would like to have a simple and user friendly solution. You need to manage your IP video environment effectively, bringing together your operation whether in one site, or in a multi-server, multi-site distributed environment. You also are looking for full support for megapixel or standard IP cameras. Is this a partial description of what you need? Well look no further, Avocado offers you a comprehensive solution.
Avocado Advantages: Avocado NVMS has changed IP video management to an incredibly simple task. Our Enterprise-class IP video management not only meets all the above requirements that were described, but also delivers NAS recording, H.264 and MPEG-4 compression, and support for up to 128 cameras. Using your existing CCTV security system, Avocado security converts your existing security images to actionable intelligence. CCTV images are used to provide security information first, and then, convert it to Operational Intelligence. These charts include Diagnostics, Monitoring, Sales, Marketing, and Business Data.
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4. Avocado DVMS suite:

Problems: Do you need a DVR / NVR / DVMS to manage your IP and/or Analog security cameras? Or, do you need to invest in a new CCTV security system?.
Avocado Advantages: Avocado Security’s suite of Hybrid Digital Video Management Systems delivers a complete package. Powerful, Ecstatic with Thermal Perfection, and engineered for performance in which you can mix 16 channels of IP and/or Analog. Hot swappable hard drives, 30 FPS , 4 TB HD, real-time viewing, recording, and playback. The package also includes Avocado Consolidator software suite with additional industry leading features:
  • Security Asset Management
  • Maintenance/Repair log
  • GeoMaps for instant visualization
  • Active reports on system health
  • Storage Management
  • Remote Viewing
  • Unified User Interface (GUI)
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5. Avocado Watchman:

Problems: Is this problem too familiar? You need someone to regularly watch and monitor your security cameras. But is that really possible? Your security operator should watch the cameras, document events, and pass incident reports almost immediately. Not just for one camera, but for all of your security cameras. Not just during an hour, or one shift, but 24x7, during all shifts. And yet, they have to make sure that they do not fall sleep, watching the same images, over and over again.
Avocado Advantages: Avocado Watchman software provides intelligent + surveillance security monitoring solution which addresses our client’s need for instant gratification and immediacy of use. By enabling security + business intelligence information sharing across the organization, Avocado Security provides a web based On-Demand service. This, along with a pioneering video mining and a state-of-the art data center, helps to increase productivity, security and business intelligence across our clients’ enterprise. Our value proposition is wrapped up in the fact that our clients avoid a significant up-front financial investment and instead participate in a "pay as you go" plan.
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6. Avocado Free:

Which Product is Right for Me? Avocado Security’s NVR software is everything you need to effectively manage your security environment. Download the complete NVR software, with viewing, recording, and playback capabilities. You can easily upgrade to the next product/version, add more users and cameras, and manage your business. To download, complete the following form and Test Drive for Free.
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