Customer Testimonials
Avocado security enjoys deployment in variety of key markets. Learn more about our Happy Customers.
Avocado Business Intelligence:
If you are interested in improving your operations, increasing revenue, and gaining more insight as to threats, trends or patterns that occur within your organization, you need Avocado Business Intelligence. Converts CCTV images to meaningful information for use by, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Loss Prevention and Security.
Avocado Consolidator:
If you want to consolidate your existing, legacy cameras, Analog and IP Cameras and DVRs and get centralized video streaming, you need Avocado Consolidator. Avocado's Open Architecture Convergence Platform (OAC) provides a unified user interface bolstering Enterprise Security.
Avocado Watchman:
Do you know who is REALLY watching your security system for you? Making sure that the security cameras are working properly, and is not falling sleep? Do not take chances with the security of your enterprise. Introducing, Patent-Pending security Monitoring technology from Avocado Security.
Avocado NVR Software:
Are you looking for IP video management. Do you need an NVR software with open platform, ease of use and powerful modules. Easily install on one server or bring together multiple servers and security cameras across a campus. With a user friendly web interface, effectively manage unlimited number of devices from various manufacturers.
Avocado Hybrid DVR /DVMS:
If you are looking to buy new security equipment, you would need Avocado Hybrid DVMS suite. Assume continuity of your security operation with Avocado Security's suite of Hybrid Digital Video Management System. Powerful, Ecstatic, engineered for performance and pre-embedded with additional industry leading features and software.